Drunken Form – Short Basic Form

Pour the Drink after you have approached the Vendor

Sip the drink (typically a Green Tea and Hard Liquor) until the dumb criminal tries to rob the place – then defend the Warung (establishment) and have another drink. Don’t pass out by the end.

This is the spirit of Drunken Form from Indonesia as interpreted by this Silat player. Silat, the original MMA, brings together many arts to make its foundation. You can see the movement from other arts that I was trying to impersonate if you look close!

Drunken – Short Basic Form

Explanation of Fisherman Form (Please note this is subject to debate in the martial arts community)

Fisherman Basic Form “Catch Fish, Gather Fish, Fish go to Heaven, Sit with Family, Look at Stars”

Hands for Fisherman Net

Hook Position, Curl Position, Pinch Position, Loop Position


  • Stances for Fisherman
  • Shore – Pick up Boat, Push boat, Jump in boat, Jump out of boat, Two feet walking, pull boat with string
  • Boat – Swiftly out to sea we will paddle in back snap to back cat, Balancing horse stance, Seagull stands on boat in short crane feet inside/outside or outside/inside toes
  • Sail – Pull and Twist in sleewah, Throw curl and tie in cat stance, pull taught and raise sail in pregnant lady

Eyes to Circumnavigate the World

  • Archturus to Ursa Major  (Big Dipper)
  • Ursa Major (Handle to Pot) to North Star (little dipper top star)
  • Ursa Minor to Cassiopia (E to 3 depending on season or time of night)
  • Southern Cross (210 day rotation – 270 day rotation)
  • Orion reaching for Andromeda

Basic Story

  • Prepare the Net
  • Push the boat to Sea
  • Row boat
  • Raise/open sail
  • Cast-pull-flip net
  • Pull boat to shore



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