Not every situation is the same, you only have a few seconds to react then you may be facing a self defense situation. Use these tactics wisely and only in cases of a threat to personal safety or family safety.

Please Learn the greeting first – IOPS GREETING

In this Silat player’s mind I think stepping out of the way is the first reaction to any tense situation. Then block check. That is what I learned in my journey. It makes sense in a lot of situations especially self defense. You only have a limited time to react.

I’ve outlined the process in a short tutorial. Before watching, consider contributing $5 for the lesson, and then $2.50 for each additional lesson. I want to keep it affordable. If you think you will be here many times and watch all my videos consider making a more generous contribution. Watch as many times as you need to absorb the lesson, Thanks!

Next in this outline would be Block Check Strike. I’m working on the lesson now and it will be out in a few weeks.

The next lesson in this series is below.

Don’t get Slapped by Going Ahead


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