Martial Arts Movies based on past Seminars and current IOPS material. IOPS stands for Inti Ombak Pencak Silat.


Not every situation is the same, you only have a few seconds to react then you may be facing a self defense situation. Use these tactics wisely and only in cases of a threat to personal safety or family safety. Please Learn the greeting first – IOPS GREETING In this Silat player’s mind I think […]

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My animal is monkey. Every person has his/her own unique set or style of movement. The way you bend or fold. How you lift or stride is determined by your animal. This can be decided by a group of questions and series of useful exercises. Are you curious what your animal is? There are 7 […]

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There are Four Elements in the Inti Ombak System. Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Each Element has a representative form. Each form has hidden movement or story. Every person has an Element. Message us to find out yours! TO CONTINUE WITH BELT PROGRESSION CLICK HERE

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Humans are the last interpretation of movement by Silat or the 4th Phase. It is the most complex of stages, and involves a variety of movement, moods, and masterpiece. Just one form could last a martial artist a lifetime to interpret. This goes for basics as well overall. Let us look at a couple human […]

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