Guru Tjas

Watch out for this player, he is known for his weapons experience!

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Mas Earl

Known for his education on Energy and Reiki, Earl has a nice style of movement. Find him in Vermont!

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Keep Them Close!

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Main Message

On a path to the Olympics – that’s what we were all thinking about until the current state of affairs took over the Earth. We are spread out across the country and world ready to teach this wonderful art to the next generation!

It not what makes us different it is how we blend the styles from our distant past together that makes our systems unique.

Find our Silat Players throughout the World. Contact them for lessons and reach out to them for support. They are there to help. We are in many countries and in most states in the USA. Our Goal is to preserve our tradition.

Next Steps…

We need to start saving the Tradition of older Martial Art systems. Join us in a Call to Action to spread the word about Silat!