I’m working on combing and coming up with my own design here. More to come on this. Here is the next Alternative

“It will wash away, lift em up…  I’m gonna be a guardian – a man amoung men…  We’re a part of something special…  Stay Humble”  Nahko Bear

It’s coming along well, All I’ve done outside is raspberries.

Snowboarding has always been a love of mine.  So far, I’ve done about 24 years starting in 1986.   I started with a sled and a string.  Then to the mountains on a Burton Elite. I might have a few more runs in me. My knees and back ran out of juice so I haven’t been active since my Continue Reading

It was 1992 and it started with punching sand, in place jumping, and eight way punching. I studied about a year and a half, then onto the philosophies of China and Japan. Attending Buddhist and Taoist houses captured my attention for many years. I also attended a sparring group in my short time in a Continue Reading

What song sums it up right now? I’ve been thinking. On my mind is Tracy Chapman, the Beatles, and Joni Mitchell My YouTube likes aren’t getting out. I want to mention these artists: Mitchell Cullen – Pride Tash Sultana – Jungle Kingfish Ingram – Don’t let the Devil Ride The Staves – These Days Mandolin Continue Reading

Things are moving along nicely getting prepared for planting outside! I’ve got a video coming online in the next few weeks about my current harvest. I’m getting ready to flower indoors and put some plants outdoors. I was successful with three Red Pepper plants from a red pepper. I hope those do well this season. Continue Reading

A Vermont based band – Find their YouTube here Website – Stay Up to Date on Shows

MUSS – Recordings from a local establishment in Central Massachusetts Pacifier – Recorded with Adam and Illumination Records